Passion. Power. Transformation.


Thuy’s journey to become a health and fitness enthusiast began several years ago when she took yoga classes to help with her lower back pain. She began supplementing yoga with Gravity® classes to build strength and endurance. Thuy grew so passionate about the transformational power of exercise that she became a Certified Personal Trainer in order to help others improve their lives too. She is a National Exercise and Sports Trainer Association (NESTA) Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and a certified Gravity® Foundation Instructor. She enjoys helping people be healthier by helping them look and feel better on the inside and out.

A Quick Q & A with Thuy!

What truly motivates you to stay healthy, strong & active?  

I love outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, kayaking, etc. I am motivated to stay fit to do all the things I love for as long as I can. I also love hearing my husband tell me I look amazing! 

What helps you get past obstacles, (tips and tricks for staying committed to routine)?

I always have my gym bag in the trunk of my car so I am always ready for an impromptu yoga session, quick visit to the gym, or a last-minute signup at Infinite Fitness. 

What is you favorite & least favorite GTS/Schwinn move & why? 

Favorite GTS: scrunch pad scrunches because it is so effective at getting deep into those stubborn abs. Least Favorite GTS: scrunch pad scrunches because it hurts to sneeze or cough the next day!

Favorite Schwinn: rolling hills because it is such a great workout for the legs and glutes. Least Favorite Schwinn: jogging in place aka "no bouncing" sprint. I love to teach this, but not necessarily do it!


Do you have a nickname? 

My siblings call me "T".

Fun Fitness "Fact"

I had a friend who once told me that people's sex faces are the same as their workout faces. Occasionally, I'll tell that story to a class and see who's checking themselves out in the mirror.

What are you famous for in class?

I make sure everyone has good form for the exercise we are working on.

How do you want your students to feel after class? 

Energized and pumped, ready to sign up for the next class.

Favorite pre-class snack? 

Toast with peanut butter. 

Favorite post class indulgence? 

A glass of red wine or a cold beer! 

What is your "Infinite Fitness" story?

I was taking classes with Heather at another studio, before she opened Infinite Fitness. I loved the workout and loved the results. I want to give other people the "gift" I received from working out on the GTS machines.

Puppy, kitten or hedgehog? 

Would love to have all 3 and more. Currently, my husband and I are owned by a dog and a cat. 

Get Moving with Thuy!