The GRAVITY® Training  System (GTS), provides total body conditioning using resistance training.  This system increases lean muscle mass, decreases body fat, improves circulation and posture, releases endorphins, expedites weight loss, and promotes overall physical strength. The GTS builds a rock solid core, while elongating and toning every muscle group in the body. The Infinite Fitness Spin &GRAVITY® program is designed to launch you into immediate fat burning and weight loss with the fusion of GRAVITY®, weight resistance training, Core Training & Cardio.

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Gravity is an excellent way to introduce weight training into your workout!

"I have been taking Gravity/Spin classes from Heather for the last 16 months. Heather mixes up the routines so each workout is different. She is dedicated to fitness and always makes the classes fun. Class sizes are small, so you receive personal attention from Heather when it comes to correct form and technique. Within my first 3 months of classes, I dropped 5 pounds and went down a pant size. Overall, my body is more toned and I am much stronger than I was when I started. Gravity is an excellent way to introduce (or re-introduce) weight training into your workout routine."

- Francesca C.

Working with Gravity – The Infinite Benefits



Gravity Training classes are a great way to get fitter and benefit from the expertise of a personal trainer. The Gravity Training System integrates all aspects of training in each workout: strength, cardio, & stretching. This new approach fitness gives you a full body workout each session with just one machine. Through this unique system, the GTS provides the optimum functional training experience. Users work multiple muscle groups together for a complete workout that challenges proprioception and core stabilizers by integrating multi-plane movement and unrestricted range of motion in nearly every exercise.