It's Never Too Late to Change!

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Kipenzi is a native Jersey girl and an unapologetic Jets fan. She received her Bachelors of Science, Masters of Arts and MBA on the East Coast. Kipenzi has called San Diego home since 2010. Kipenzi believes it is never too late to change. She did not have an athletic background nor was she physically active. Six years ago she embarked on a personal journey of health and fitness, which has had a big impact on her life. Kipenzi decided to share this experience with others and creates an environment of hard work that not only motivates but challenges individuals in a fun and rewarding way. Kipenzi’s mantra is a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson, “The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.

What truly motivates you to stay healthy, strong & active?

What motives me to stay active is that I am Beyoncé's same height and weight. I’ve got to maintain “all this sexy”.

What helps you get past fitness & wellness obstacles?

To get rid of obstacles, I have a “Bye Felicia” mentality.  This empowers me to reinvent the story I tell myself while dismissing anyone or anything that is unimportant.  This is a great reality check.

What is your favorite & least favorite GTS/Schwinn move & why?

My favorite bike ride is the “Thuy”.  One of my fellow instructors (so blame her) did this amazing high intensity aerobic bike ride where you eliminate your upper body bounce and isolate your legs.  It is KILLER but I love it. Whoo-hoo!!

What are you famous for in class?

I think I am most famous for my playlists whether Jersey, 80’s rock or drag queen playlist.  I think I am also famous for the buoyant energy I bring to class.

How do you want your students to feel after class?

After class, I want my students to feel pushed to become stronger and realize their full fitness potential.

What is your "Infinite Fitness" story? How did you become a teacher?

I met Heather and started training with her to maintain my sexy.  In turn I wanted to inspire others to love their real body types, to stay motivated and committed.  Most importantly to help them find their inner Glamazon. 

Puppy, kitten or hedgehog?

I spoil my puppy Blade.

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