Feel Better. It's Time.


What truly motivates you to stay healthy, strong and active?

I love this question and my simple answer is the way I FEEL is what motivates me to stay healthy, strong and active. My body is my treasure and I will continue to take care of it forever!

What helps you get past fitness obstacles?

You just have to do it! Mind over matter is what I always say. One tip that I suggest to everyone is when you set your alarm at night to wake up early, you should put your phone away from your bed so when the alarm goes off you have to get up and turn it off. This way you are up and no going back to bed! It really works! ☺

Do you have a nickname?


Many people like to call me Dani, but most of my friends also use the term squirrel for me! The main reason for squirrel is because I am always on the go and constantly moving. A total multi-tasker that handles many things and am all over the place! It is a pretty cute nickname that has stuck around!

How do you want your students to feel after class?

I want my students to feel AMAZING! I want them all to feel accomplished and look themselves in the mirror and say “I rocked it today”. Each and every one of my students should leave the class ready to tackle the day and have nothing stand in the way!

Favorite pre-class snack?

I LOVE raw almonds! I know this sound boring but this is something I cannot live without! A handful of almonds is a great snack before a workout. 

Favorite post-class indulgence?

If I am in a rush it will be my Vegan RISE bars (20 grams of protein), one of my favorite flavors is Banana Cacao. On the other hand if I have time to make food it will be egg whites with mushrooms and spinach! YUM!

What is your “Infinite Fitness” story? How did you become a trainer?

I was a student that came to class and the amazing owner Heather Ellis emailed me and asked if I would be interested in teaching at her studio! I loved that she reached out to me and that my energy stood out. I could not say no to such an incredible opportunity to change peoples’ lives and to work with the best team anyone can have! It is a simple and awesome story! 

Stay Healthy & Strong with Danijela!