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Kipenzi is a native Jersey girl and an unapologetic Jets fan. She received her Bachelors of Science, Masters of Arts and MBA on the East Coast. Kipenzi has called San Diego home since 2010. Kipenzi believes it is never too late to change. She did not have an athletic background nor was she physically active. Six years ago she embarked on a personal journey of health and fitness, which has had a big impact on her life. Kipenzi decided to share this experience with others and creates an environment of hard work that not only motivates but challenges individuals in a fun and rewarding way. Kipenzi’s mantra is a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson, “The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.

What truly motivates you to stay healthy, strong & active?

What motives me to stay active is that I am Beyoncé's same height and weight. I’ve got to maintain “all this sexy”.

What helps you get past fitness & wellness obstacles?

To get rid of obstacles, I have a “Bye Felicia” mentality.  This empowers me to reinvent the story I tell myself while dismissing anyone or anything that is unimportant.  This is a great reality check.

What is your favorite & least favorite GTS/Schwinn move & why?

My favorite bike ride is the “Thuy”.  One of my fellow instructors (so blame her) did this amazing high intensity aerobic bike ride where you eliminate your upper body bounce and isolate your legs.  It is KILLER but I love it. Whoo-hoo!!

What are you famous for in class?

I think I am most famous for my playlists whether Jersey, 80’s rock or drag queen playlist.  I think I am also famous for the buoyant energy I bring to class.

How do you want your students to feel after class?

After class, I want my students to feel pushed to become stronger and realize their full fitness potential.

What is your "Infinite Fitness" story? How did you become a teacher?

I met Heather and started training with her to maintain my sexy.  In turn I wanted to inspire others to love their real body types, to stay motivated and committed.  Most importantly to help them find their inner Glamazon. 

Puppy, kitten or hedgehog?

I spoil my puppy Blade.

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Passion. Power. Transformation.


Thuy’s journey to become a health and fitness enthusiast began several years ago when she took yoga classes to help with her lower back pain. She began supplementing yoga with Gravity® classes to build strength and endurance. Thuy grew so passionate about the transformational power of exercise that she became a Certified Personal Trainer in order to help others improve their lives too. She is a National Exercise and Sports Trainer Association (NESTA) Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and a certified Gravity® Foundation Instructor. She enjoys helping people be healthier by helping them look and feel better on the inside and out.

A Quick Q & A with Thuy!

What truly motivates you to stay healthy, strong & active?  

I love outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, kayaking, etc. I am motivated to stay fit to do all the things I love for as long as I can. I also love hearing my husband tell me I look amazing! 

What helps you get past obstacles, (tips and tricks for staying committed to routine)?

I always have my gym bag in the trunk of my car so I am always ready for an impromptu yoga session, quick visit to the gym, or a last-minute signup at Infinite Fitness. 

What is you favorite & least favorite GTS/Schwinn move & why? 

Favorite GTS: scrunch pad scrunches because it is so effective at getting deep into those stubborn abs. Least Favorite GTS: scrunch pad scrunches because it hurts to sneeze or cough the next day!

Favorite Schwinn: rolling hills because it is such a great workout for the legs and glutes. Least Favorite Schwinn: jogging in place aka "no bouncing" sprint. I love to teach this, but not necessarily do it!


Do you have a nickname? 

My siblings call me "T".

Fun Fitness "Fact"

I had a friend who once told me that people's sex faces are the same as their workout faces. Occasionally, I'll tell that story to a class and see who's checking themselves out in the mirror.

What are you famous for in class?

I make sure everyone has good form for the exercise we are working on.

How do you want your students to feel after class? 

Energized and pumped, ready to sign up for the next class.

Favorite pre-class snack? 

Toast with peanut butter. 

Favorite post class indulgence? 

A glass of red wine or a cold beer! 

What is your "Infinite Fitness" story?

I was taking classes with Heather at another studio, before she opened Infinite Fitness. I loved the workout and loved the results. I want to give other people the "gift" I received from working out on the GTS machines.

Puppy, kitten or hedgehog? 

Would love to have all 3 and more. Currently, my husband and I are owned by a dog and a cat. 

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Get Inspired & Supported!


Raised in Southern California, Brett has been involved with sports and fitness her entire life. In 2009 she began teaching indoor cycling classes while studying Psychology at UCLA.  This was only the beginning. After taking Pilates classes for many years, she became a certified Pilates instructor.  Always seeking a challenge, Brett signed up for her first Gravity class at Infinite Fitness… she was instantly hooked! When Brett isn’t working out, you can find her hitting the waves (surfing), hitting the court (playing tennis), or walking her dog-Bruin (a golden retriever).

What truly motivates you to stay healthy, strong & active?

I want to live to be 100! I want to be around for my grand kids and great-grand kids. Also, I'm my happiest after I've worked out.

What helps you get past obstacles fitness obstacles?

Setting realistic goals; challenging yet attainable. I also believe in moderation, not deprivation. Make healthy choices, but also indulge every once in a while :)

What is you favorite & least favorite GTS/Schwinn move & why?

GTS: Favorite move: Crunches & torso rotations. Least favorite move: Push-ups and tricep dips. BIKE favorite: Heavy climbs, Jumps, & tap backs. Least Favorite: Standing isolations (when you "take out the bounce"). My quads always scream at me!

Do you have a nickname?


What are you famous for in class?

Abs & Obliques! Also, sneaking in super challenging moves with my "sweet" voice (and smile!) ;-)

How do you want your students to feel after class?

Stronger than when they began, because they just pushed themselves out of their comfort zone.

Favorite pre-class snack?

Fuji apple, greek yogurt, or Blueberry Pecan Kind Bar

Favorite post class indulgence?

El Nepolito tortilla chips and roasted salsa from the Fruit Stand next door. Also anything chocolate!

What is your "Infinite Fitness" story?

I discovered Infinite Fitness 3 years ago when I moved to Bay Park from Encinitas.  As a current indoor cycling and Pilates instructor, I was always seeking out new/challenging workouts. After one class at Infinite Fitness I was hooked! I started seeing changes in my body almost immediately and I knew that I wanted to be a part of the Infinite Community. In 2014 I had the opportunity to quit my office job and teach fitness classes full-time. I absolutely love teaching (despite the 5am wake-up call!) and am extremely fortunate to share my passion with others.

Puppy, kitten or hedgehog?

Puppy!!! 100%. My two year old English Cream golden retriever, Bruin, is my baby!

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Practice Serious Self-Care


What motivates you to keep moving?

My true motivation to stay healthy, strong, and active is myself! For years when I was younger I would try crash dieting to look like the girls I would see on tv or the popular girls in high school, but it wasn’t until I started loving myself that I was really able to commit to an active lifestyle and a healthy future!

What helps you get past fitness obstacles?

Every week I plan out in advance my daily workouts (yes, daily!) for the whole week. Whether it’s a kick ass Infinite Fitness class or just a walk at Mission Bay with a friend, I never let myself use the excuse of being “too busy”. It’s important to me to take time to be active every day! I also plan out my meals for the week and prep my healthy lunches and snacks (I always have fresh fruit and raw food bars on hand). Remember: You are what you eat, so don’t be fast, cheap, easy or fake!

Do you have a nickname?


My parents call me Feather or Feath, the rest of my family calls me Heath… and when I’m being a little too sassy they call me Veruca (think Willy Wonka).

How do you want your students to feel after class?

Your workout is your time! When my students leave my class I want them to feel a little bit stronger and a little bit closer to the goals than when they entered the studio. I hope to encourage everyone to feel challenged to give their all for themselves and no one else.

Favorite pre-class snack?

I’m an always hungry kind of girl so I have to have a little something before I take a class. I usually go for a piece of fruit to give me a natural sugar boost or a raw foods bar.

What is your "Infinite Fitness" story? 

Infinite Fitness was the first to introduce me to Gravity Training. My training background is in Pilates so I was a little familiar with the style but was blown away at how it challenged my body in a whole new way! I was hooked from the beginning and was thrilled when Heather Ellis asked if I would be interested in teaching there! I have so much fun in all of my classes! Seeing how hard people push themselves in class and what a strong and cool community it is encourages me as an instructor and in my own personal fitness journey!

Puppy, kitten or hedgehog?

I have two kittens, Hero (boy) and Cali (girl). They are my babies!!! I am absolutely in love with them and am not ashamed to admit I am one CRAZY cat lady!

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Feel Better. It's Time.


What truly motivates you to stay healthy, strong and active?

I love this question and my simple answer is the way I FEEL is what motivates me to stay healthy, strong and active. My body is my treasure and I will continue to take care of it forever!

What helps you get past fitness obstacles?

You just have to do it! Mind over matter is what I always say. One tip that I suggest to everyone is when you set your alarm at night to wake up early, you should put your phone away from your bed so when the alarm goes off you have to get up and turn it off. This way you are up and no going back to bed! It really works! ☺

Do you have a nickname?


Many people like to call me Dani, but most of my friends also use the term squirrel for me! The main reason for squirrel is because I am always on the go and constantly moving. A total multi-tasker that handles many things and am all over the place! It is a pretty cute nickname that has stuck around!

How do you want your students to feel after class?

I want my students to feel AMAZING! I want them all to feel accomplished and look themselves in the mirror and say “I rocked it today”. Each and every one of my students should leave the class ready to tackle the day and have nothing stand in the way!

Favorite pre-class snack?

I LOVE raw almonds! I know this sound boring but this is something I cannot live without! A handful of almonds is a great snack before a workout. 

Favorite post-class indulgence?

If I am in a rush it will be my Vegan RISE bars (20 grams of protein), one of my favorite flavors is Banana Cacao. On the other hand if I have time to make food it will be egg whites with mushrooms and spinach! YUM!

What is your “Infinite Fitness” story? How did you become a trainer?

I was a student that came to class and the amazing owner Heather Ellis emailed me and asked if I would be interested in teaching at her studio! I loved that she reached out to me and that my energy stood out. I could not say no to such an incredible opportunity to change peoples’ lives and to work with the best team anyone can have! It is a simple and awesome story! 

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Cultivate a Healthier Life with More Energy!

What truly motivates you to stay healthy, strong & active?


I love the feeling of a strong, healthy body. I also have my masters in public health and have worked extensively in physical activity and obesity research. If you want to be healthy for the long haul, you MUST workout and take care of your body.

How do you stay committed to your fitness routine?

The most important thing that keeps me on track is a supportive and equally motivated husband. We workout together and push each other when one is feeling a little less than motivated. Social support is key to any workout routine.

What are you famous for in class ?

I am a notoriously slow counter who pushes each person just a little bit further than they thought they were capable of. You will definitely be sore the next day.

How do you want your students to feel after class?

I want my students to leave class feeling shaky and sore but energized and excited to come back next time and push themselves to do even more. I love the energy an awesome workout gives you to fuel the rest of your day!

Favorite post class indulgence?

I love Mexican food...ok, but let's be real here, I actually LOVE chips and salsa. I could live on them, and them alone.

What is your "Infinite Fitness" story?


I have been teaching Gravity for a few years now. When I stopped teaching morning classes at the previous studio, many regulars moved over to Heather's classes. I came to check them out myself, and fell in love with Infinite. It is so clear that the studio is a family and everyone here is so passionate about what they do and making everyone feel welcome and at home. I'm thrilled to be a part of such an awesome studio!

Puppy, kitten or hedgehog?

Kitten! We have a zoo at our house....3 cats and a dog. I am a total animal lover! And such a softie when it comes to them. 

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Fitness Shouldn't Be Boring, Ever!

What truly motivates you to stay healthy, strong & active?


My motivation to stay active is honestly different each day and include both short-term and long-term benefits. I definitely enjoy the instant gratification that I get from an intense workout that causes me to feel better in general, but I also continue to do it because I enjoy the different activities that I do, along with the long term health benefits that I know I receive from it.

What helps you get past fitness obstacles?

I like to constantly change up my workouts by doing everything from yoga to spinning and boxing so that I don't get burned out or bored with working out. I find that changing it up makes me look forward to my workouts and helps me stay committed!

What is you favorite & least favorite GTS/Schwinn move & why?

I love to workout arms on the machine and doing sprints on the bike to get my heart rate up. My least favorite move on the machine is one leg squats because they hurt so good! :)

What is your "Infinite Fitness" story? How did you become an Infinite Fitness trainer?

I was brand new to the gravity machine so I was definitely nervous to try it but after coming to Infinite and taking a class I was instantly hooked! I kept coming back and one day I finally got the courage to ask if they might need any more teachers. Heather instantly took me under her wing and has truly inspired and motivated me to become the best teacher I can be! I am so excited to be a part of the Infinite team!

Puppy, kitten or hedgehog?

All the puppies!!!

Do you have a nickname?

Dan, Durso

Favorite pre-class snack?

Peanut butter & banana

How do you want your students to feel after class?

I want students to feel like they have really pushed themselves and challenged their bodies all while having so much fun working out that they want to come again!

Favorite post class indulgence?

Champagne and fro-yo :)

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Heather Ellis, Owner

Find Your Happy Place


A life-long fitness enthusiast and collegiate athlete, Heather holds certifications from the National Exercise and Sports Trainer Association and is a certified Gravity® Group Instructor. Owning her own fitness studio is a dream come true and is committed to filling the studio with as much joy as possible! "This is OUR happy place!"

Heather was a starting member of the Division I  St. Mary's College softball team until permanently sidelined by a pair of spikes to the knee in 1992.  Three knee surgeries and two children later, Heather knows firsthand the struggles of rebuilding a fitness routine and balancing a career and family. Heather's energy is wildly contagious. Whether you are an experienced athlete, a new mom looking to get back into a fitness routine or life has just gotten "in the way" of your activity, Heather will motivate you to go above and beyond your fitness goals.

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Happiness & Fitness are Intimately Linked


Hi! My name is Serina and I look forward to training you!  I have a passion for health and fitness and I love working out!  I took my first Pilates reformer class back in 2010 and fell in love with it.  I loved it so much I become a certified Pilates instructor and have been happily teaching Pilates for the last four years.  I love the energy and dynamic of teaching group fitness classes.  I love giving people access to being healthy through a fun and rewarding workout.  I started taking classes at Infinite Fitness about a year ago.  I didn’t think I could find a better workout than Pilates, but I did at Infinite Fitness.  The workout itself is fun and challenging and my body is more toned than it’s ever been.  I remember one night working out at Infinite Fitness, I caught a glimpse of my backside in the mirror and thought, is that my body!?!...damn it looks good!  And now I get to give that gift to you!  Let’s kick some booty!

What truly motivates you to stay healthy, strong and active? 

Simply put: it makes me HAPPY!!!

What helps you get past fitness obstacles? 

Finding a workout that I love doing.  It’s much easier to keep a routine when you enjoy the workout.  Also, I set goals for myself like signing up for a race.  If I have a race coming up I know I have to get in my workouts.

Favorite Gravity exercise: 

Knee tucks.



What are you famous for in class:

Abs…and I love to pump the music for abs.

How do you want your students to feel after class:

Energized, happy, confident and powerful.  And that there time with me was well spent.

How did you become a teacher? 

I became certified as a Pilates instructor back in 2010.  I didn’t think I could find a better workout than Pilates, but then I discovered Infinite Fitness in 2012.  I completely fell in love with the workout. After that I realized I wanted to contribute to others the way Heather had contributed to me as an instructor.  I asked her if I could join the Infinite Fitness team and she gave me a resounding YES!  And here I am having fun and kicking booty!

Puppy, kitten or hedgehog? 

None, I’m a unicorn…one in a million ;)

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